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This web site is the official Inzspire Blog website which complements the YouTube channel detailed below. Your mind is amazing! The mind produces our every thought, action, memory, feeling, motivation and experience of the world. The blogs published on this website are not intended to be the ultimate solution to your problems but hopefully it will provide positive stimulation when you deal with your ever-changing world. It will certainly make you think!

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Quality blogs, the content you want, when you want it. Inzspire produces regular blogs which complement or are in addition to the published videos=see above menu.

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Inzspire is a YouTube channel designed for those who wish to improve, change, adapt or just cope with what the world is throwing at them. The videos will cover a wide range of topics that form in our consciousness. It is how we cope with our mind/emotions/feelings that is the measure of who we are. Deal with them before they deal with you. This channel explores these feelings. So if that sounds interesting, check out our 1-minute introduction video above and make sure you subscribe and turn on notifications. You can visit our YouTube channel here https://bit.ly/3jQ1jiR


Founded in 2020 by Adrian Alder

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