Hi! I’m your Guardian Angel

“A guardian angel is a type of angel that is assigned to protect and guide a particular person, group or nation.” Wikipedia

It is generally accepted (amongst the enlightened) that we are all assigned a guardian angel (or it can be many) at birth. The word angel derives from the Greek word angelos, meaning “messenger.” Guardian angels are there to protect you, provide guidance, give comfort and bring people and opportunities into your life and throughout your life. Their biggest problem is that you may not be aware of them or listening to their messages.

There are many signs that your guardian angel is contacting you, but here are six common signs:


I’m from your Guardian Angel
Who’s been assigned to you.
She dropped this in her struggles
As she protected you.

Each time you feel that you’re alone,
Each time you nearly fall
I’m here to remind you:
You’re not alone at all.

unknown author

Your guardian angel is never far away but if you come across a white feather, this is the classic sign your guardian angel is trying to let you know of their presence and that you are not alone. It is said that discovering the feather in an unlikely location or in unusual circumstances means that your angel is telling you that they are not far away and giving you hope and encouragement. A white feather normally appears just when you need it the most and is a symbol of unconditional love

If or when you find a white feather ask yourself these questions:

What were you thinking at the time of the discovery?

What did you feel when you found it?

Has something happened recently that has affected you deeply?

Have you asked your guardian angel anything recently?

Whilst you may not have an answer to these questions, discovering a white feather is a good omen.


It is widely believed that one of the best ways for our guardian angel to contact us when we sleep. After all, you are relaxed when you are sleeping, your subconscious is free to roam and there is no fear or stress to prevent you from receiving the message or tuning into what the angel is conveying to you.

Many people have confirmed that when they have contacted their angel through prayer before falling asleep, they have dreamed vividly afterwards. Dreams can be full of symbols and it is said that angels use symbols to pass on information to you. If this is the case, you should consider where you have seen this symbol before and whether it has a role in your life.

Whilst you are dreaming, your angel may make an appearance as a friend or a teacher. Alternatively, the message maybe more subtle taking form such as a thought or a feeling. You may have one particular dream which is repetitive. If this is the case, then you should try and make notes in order to try and decipher the message.


Clairalience or ‘clear smell’ is the documented phenomena that has been deemed as a spiritual encounter with the acquisition of a physical smell. Spiritual smells could be a sign from your guardian angel. This mysterious force tries to find a channel to talk to you. This is a sign that your guardian angel is with you.

Guardian angels may send you a scent that reminds you of someone or a pet. This is a sign that the guardian angel is close. People have mentioned that the smell was like roses even though none were nearby.


You may have heard the saying ‘it comes in 3’s. In order to get your attention, a guardian angel may use repetition to ram the message home. For example, if you hear or experience the same thing repeated three times, you may want to take notice and investigate further.

Angels may also communicate with you through recurring songs you hear on the radio or by causing you to hear a series of songs, all with a very similar theme. If you wake up with a song in your head and then you hear it again during the day, then it maybe your guardian angel conveying a message to you.

Another example of repetition is what is known as ‘angel numbers’ such as 111 or 444. It is well documented that angels use repetitive numbers in order to communicate. These repetitive numbers may come up on clocks, doors, letters, car license plates or in dreams. There is an angel numbers guide and their meanings at the end of this post.


Have you ever suddenly felt a feeling of pure happiness, contentment or peacefulness fall upon you for no apparent reason? If you suddenly feel a profound sense of emotional warmth, this is a sign that an angel is watching over you.

We are normally so busy going about our daily business that we are not aware of the signs. It’s thought that signs like these are the angels trying to get our attention so that they can intervene and guide us in a particular way or offer us reassurance when we need it most. When you suddenly feel happy or at peace, it is your guardian angel letting you know of their presence.


Orbs or ‘spheres of light’ have been known to appear in photographs or in places are considered representations of angels. These can take the shape of a bright white light or in different colours. Angels sometimes use orbs as their vehicles to appear in the physical world to convey a particular message.

It is generally considered that If a guardian angel appears to you inside an orb, it is to let you know you are loved, or to provide you with inspiration at difficult and challenging times in your life.

These orbs can manifest themselves in many different colours and each colour represents a different meaning. There is an orb colour guide and their meanings at the end of this post.

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