10 Visually Eerie Places to Visit

Surreal, creepy, and occasionally simply strange places abound in the world. While many of these strange occurrences have rational explanations, others remain unsolved. From the comfort of your own home, enjoy a virtual tour of some of the world’s oddest locations as we examine the science, stories, ideas, and legends around them. Inzspire presents 10Continue reading “10 Visually Eerie Places to Visit”

10 Common Misconceptions that are simply not true

This post looks at 10 facts that you grew up with that are untrue. No, bats are not blind and no, Mount Everest is not the tallest mountain in the world. Here are 10 myths some of us believe which are not true. Find out the truth behind the myth: #1 You can see theContinue reading “10 Common Misconceptions that are simply not true”

How to get over a breakup with your friend

It maybe the gradual drifting apart of a childhood friend, the quick, sharp detachment formed by a quarrel, or one of the countless relationships that have quietly drifted away during the pandemic; losing someone you thought would always be in your life is deeply upsetting. In this blog Inzspire examines 5 ways on how toContinue reading “How to get over a breakup with your friend”

10 Common Dreams And Their Meanings

Dreams can tell you deep down what you really know about something, it depends on whether you understand the dream or not. This post covers the 10 most common dreams we have and their meanings. #1 Falling When you dream of falling, you are manifesting your Insecurities, instabilities, and concerns. In some aspect of yourContinue reading “10 Common Dreams And Their Meanings”

Ten Strangest Places In The World To Visit

Ten Strangest Places In The World To Visit. Where words fail, pictures do the trick. This post and accompanying video (see link below) shows the photographic evidence to understand the baffling beauty and sublime grace of some of the strangest places on earth. Enjoy travelling to ten of the strangest places on earth to visit.Continue reading “Ten Strangest Places In The World To Visit”

New Zealand (10 notable places to visit)

New Zealand is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean’s southwest corner. It is made up of two main landmasses, the North and South Islands, as well as around 700 smaller islands. Jagged mountains, undulating farm land, steep fiords, clean trout-filled lakes, raging rivers, gorgeous beaches, and active volcanic zones make up this country’s beautifulContinue reading “New Zealand (10 notable places to visit)”

The Benefits of a Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest eating plans available, and it can aid weight loss and blood sugar control. Lean foods, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables are all part of the Mediterranean diet, which minimises sweets and red/white meat. A Mediterranean diet meal plan allows you to enjoy red wine in moderation.Continue reading “The Benefits of a Mediterranean diet”

How to Deal with People Who Don’t Like You

How do you cope with people who dislike you without them having an apparent reason? This is especially distressing since maybe you have done nothing wrong to cause their contempt? It happens in life a lot more than you think and may not be in any way your fault at all, well most of theContinue reading “How to Deal with People Who Don’t Like You”

People who want to disappear

What causes people to decide that they have had enough of their way of life and the only solution for them is to ‘disappear’ abandoning their lives, careers, homes, and families with no intention of returning? Well, that is what is happening in Japan where companies are helping those people who simply want to vanish.Continue reading “People who want to disappear”