How to reduce your “Doomscrolling” time

“Doomscrolling” or sometimes known as “Doomsurfing”, are terms used when an individual constantly scrolls through the internet looking for news that whilst may be informative, normally is of a negative nature, and could have a harmful effect on the individual. From the media point of view, one obvious example is Covid-19, where we have beenContinue reading “How to reduce your “Doomscrolling” time”

9 types of intelligence-which one are you?

Howard Gardner an American cognitive psychologist and author, introduced the theory of multiple types of intelligences humans possess. His original concept included 7 but this now has expanded. You definitely possess at least one or maybe more. Here are 9 Types of Intelligence: Which one(s) do you possess? #1 Naturalist Intelligence People with Naturalist IntelligenceContinue reading “9 types of intelligence-which one are you?”

Hi! I’m your Guardian Angel

“A guardian angel is a type of angel that is assigned to protect and guide a particular person, group or nation.” Wikipedia It is generally accepted (amongst the enlightened) that we are all assigned a guardian angel (or it can be many) at birth. The word angel derives from the Greek word angelos, meaning “messenger.”Continue reading “Hi! I’m your Guardian Angel”